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Basic information for incoming Erasmus+ students:

Erasmus+ Faculty Coordinator: Ph.D. Tomasz Widłak
e-mail address: tomasz.widlak@prawo.ug.edu.pl
postal address: Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Gdańsk, ul. Jana Bażyńskiego 6, 80-309 Gdańsk
office hours: For current office hours please check here.
course catalogue: All incoming Erasmus+ students are enrolled to the Polish and International Legal Studies Programme (PILSP). Detailed list of current courses (course catalogue) of the PILSP is available at "PILSP Syllabus" (click the relevant course's title)
Recruitment & Admissions: www.en.ug.edu.pl/incoming_students/erasmus/recruitment_admissions

About the Polish and International Legal Studies Programme:

Polish and International Legal Studies Programme is an international studies programme of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdansk dedicated to incoming Erasmus+ and other foreign students. The first edition of this one-year diploma programme took place in the academic year 2008/2009. It is addressed to international students who would like to pursue one semester or one-year studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration in Gdansk but do not speak Polish and are unable to participate in regular classes and seminars held in this language. PILSP is also open to a limited number of regular Polish-speaking students of the Faculty who would like to pursue part of their studies in English. The PILSP class in each semester is a group of ca. 15-25 students.

The PILSP is a comprehensive programme offering the participating students basic knowledge of the Polish legal system in a nutshell, as well as training in the most interesting and contemporary issues of European and international law. All subjects' syllabi are based on individual research and expertise of our academic teachers and researchers - both distinguished full professors, as well as assistant professors and lecturers / Readers in Law holding a Ph.D in law or advanced Ph.D. students teaching under the supervision of professors. One of the aims of the Programme is also to give the students, most of them non-native speakers of English, an opportunity to gain fluency in legal English in the crucial areas of law.

The PILSP is designed to consist of total 12 courses divided into two semesters. Each semester includes 6 courses counting for 5 ECTS points each. Therefore the Programme is completely divisible and enables students to stay either for one or two semesters, giving an opportunity to score 30 ECTS points per semester. Classes of the first semester start in the mid-October and are closed by an exam session in mid-January (students should expect to stay in Gdansk at least until the end of January). The second semester usually opens at the beginning of March and ends with an exam session in the last weeks of May (students are strongly advised to plan their stay at least until mid-June). There are usually three holiday breaks: for Christmas and New Year (24.12-02.01), a one to two weeks inter-semester break in February and a short, one-week Easter (spring) break (dates are different every year). Each course covers 20 academic hours of lectures and classes which gives a total of 120 h per semester or 240 h in the whole one-year programme. All students who successfully complete the PILSP and score 60 ECTS points are awarded (apart of the Transcript of Records) the official Certificate of Graduation from the Polish and International Legal Studies Programme.

Students are also encouraged to enroll to additional language courses offered by the University, as well as to take part in variety of other extracurricular activities.