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Zapraszamy do udziału w kursie International Financial and Business Law, prowadzonym w języku angielskim

Zapraszamy do udziału w kursie International Financial and Business Law, prowadzonym w języku angielskim


The course is conducted in English in an Legal MBA style and gives practical and theoretical insight into how to run international business in Europe (specially in Poland) and globally


The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the legal and financial aspects of conducting cross-border business. The obtained theoretical knowledge will facilitate moving around in the financial and business areas of the conducted business activity. Workshop classes will enable practical presentation of the application of the acquired knowledge. An additional effect of this course is the increase of social competences and knowledge of English and meeting new people.


The addressee of the course are persons leading or intending to start any business activity in the territory of the European Union or any other international environment. To start the course it is necessary to finish high school and to have basic knowledge of English.


Classes will be conducted during two semesters and will be taking place in a stationary mode at the campus of Gdansk University, and in exceptional situations also on Saturdays. Classes have a workshop character with an emphasis on practical aspects. The language of instruction is English. First module of the course is also supplemented with the English language classes. Part of the classes is planned in the form of distance learning [e- learning].

Learning material is divided into four main thematic modules:

Module I International Business Law
Module II. Legal Aspects of International Investments
Module III. International Financial Law
Module IV. Legal Aspects of International Business

Duration: 2 semesters, 315 hours

Lecturers: Academics from the University of Gdansk and practitioners from various fields of business and legal practice

Course requirements

The condition for completing the course is participation in at least 70% of classes and mastering over 50% of the required knowledge and skills from all modules included in the course program.

At the end of the course, participants receive a certificate issued by Gdansk University - certificate of the International Financial & Business Law Course.

Required documents:

  1. Application form
  2. Personal questionnaire
  3. A copy of the higher education diploma or a certified photocopy of the diploma
  4. A copy of your ID card or passport

Documents should be submitted to the Department of Financial Law (room 3012) from 8-15 personally or by post to the Secretariat of the Course.

Fee: 2,500 EURO. Candidates should provide us with the confirmation of the full payment

Payments should be made to the bank account: Bank PeKaO dla Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego.

59 1240 1271 1111 0010 4368 2415. SWIFT Code: PKOP PL PW

Payment title: S378-18 Kurs IFaBL

If you cannot take a course, the fee is refundable, but is going to be lowered by banking fees.

Enrollment dates: to the 31st of October – admission is determined by the order of entries

Additional information:

Course secretariat:

Dr Damian Cyman
Department of Financial Law
Faculty of Law and Administration
Gdansk University
80-952 Gdańsk
ul. Bażyńskiego 6

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