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"Lord Mansfield. To Be a Judge! " by Prof. Jerzy Zajadło

"Lord Mansfield. To Be a Judge! " by Prof. Jerzy Zajadło

Lord Mansfield. To Be a Judge! " by Prof. Jerzy Zajadło is the English edition of his book describing the phenomenon of Judge Lord Mansfield.


From the Review by Prof. Ewa Łętowska:

"Jerzy Zajadło’s achievement is that by giving an impassioned account of Lord Mansfield’s life and career he enhances the [...] reader’s knowledge of courts and their functioning: of what a judge – as a skilled jurist - must grapple with in passing judgment; of his/her confrontation with social and political expectations. [...] And in this matter the example of Mansfield – as an advisor to the King who was also able as a judge to maintain an appropriate distance and objectivity – may prove particularly instructive. The author manages successfully to capture the distinctive philosophy of judgment demonstrated by Mansfield. That philosophy is expressed in an approach to law that is inclusive and one that cares for the social roots that give it legitimacy. In this way, the author and his subject demonstrate a congruence of cognitive principles. Zajadło’s presentation of Mansfield as a jurist takes place via a discussion of his judgments, and these judgments are the book’s real protagonists. Rarely have doubtful and controversial issues or the dilemmas of judgment been presented in such a readable form"


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